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A Future You Can Believe In

We’re working to build a brighter future for higher education.
A future that is student-centric, inclusive and innovative.

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Faculty Development for the 21st Century

We offer a modern approach to faculty development, with comprehensive online courses, micro-credentials and action guides for every stage of your career.

Community of Mentors

We’ll match you with experienced mentors that have been in your shoes before, and can guide you through challenges, answer questions, and share best practices. We also offer a community forum where you can engage in thoughtful discussion about key challenges, opportunities and trends in higher ed.

Resources You Need To Succeed

In this COVID-19 world, things are changing fast. We host exclusive online events, webinars, podcasts and conversations with the most prominent thought leaders in higher ed, so that you’ve always got your finger on the pulse.
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I can't recommend Brighter's Higher Education Administration 101 course enough. An incredible curriculum with several guest presentations by many higher education thought leaders who provide a wide-ranging series of critical and timely topics intended to broaden your skills and perspectives. If you are interested in serving in a leadership capacity - even if mid-level - this introductory course is a must.

Rob GibsonDirector of Learning Technologies, Emporia State University
Rob Gibson Headshot

Our Courses

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Intro to Higher Education Administration

Thinking about moving from faculty to administrator? This course will introduce you to a career in higher ed admin and provide actionable tips and guidance on how to make the transition.

Intro to Accreditation, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

Big data is transforming higher ed. Learn how to collect and use institutional data to guide accreditation, assessment and program review.

Intro to Program Review

Gain knowledge of accreditation from start to finish, and understand the role of the peer reviewer throughout the process.




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