Consultant Team

terri givens

Terri Givens

Dr. Givens was most recently the Provost at Menlo College, and before that, Vice-Provost for undergraduate curriculum and international affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. Her experience as a political science professor underpins her understanding of college faculties and their needs in developing curriculum. Overseeing curriculum at a large public university and small private college has given her insight into the potential for innovation and faculty development. She has an in-depth understanding of accreditation processes, assessment, and student success initiatives, and in particular, the use of educational technology to simplify operations. Dr. Givens draws on her experience as a first-generation college student to develop solutions for colleges seeking to enhance enrollment and develop programs to support students from diverse backgrounds. She is currently advising several ed-tech companies and nonprofits that work with college-bound students.

gary stocker

Gary Stocker

As Chief-of-Staff to a small college president, Dr. Stocker researched various college alliance business models’ feasibility. His familiarity with private college financial statements and work on data from NCES and IPEDS compiling education statistics for individual colleges led to creating the College Viability App.
As a program director and full-time faculty at Lindenwood University, Stocker developed and implemented a wide variety of data and analytical tools for course scheduling and course demand forecasting. He has achieved recognition for his skills in using educational technology to enhance his students’ quality and efficiency.

Jeff Burstein

Jeff Burstein

Jeff is an innovator, founder, consultant, speaker, and Enterprise Agile Coach with over 20 years of experience helping companies and government agencies discover a better way to work. The 2020 pandemic precipitated the birth of a new company. IQ4Agile brings solutions to the crisis facing worldwide educational systems. The company directive is to change the education sector from legacy, rigid structures, and pivot them to function and succeed at a high level in our “new reality.”

brian irwin

Brian Irwin

Brian Irwin is passionate about helping executives and managers better steer their organizations and foster inclusion cultures, heightening employee engagement, and ownership. By providing fresh perspectives and new experiences, he helps organizations harness and develop human potential, build antifragility, and enable organizational agility. His work as a Socio-Economic Intervener-Researcher has helped organizations expose and reduce annual per-person hidden costs exceeding $90,000.

sara booth

Sara Booth

Sara is Academic Director at Peer Review Portal, a cloud-based review management system.
Peer Review Portal focuses on supporting, connecting, and advancing individuals, institutions, and networks on all matters of review in higher education.

paula b

Paula Brantner

Paula is the President and Principal of PB Work Solutions.
She builds harassment and toxic workplace prevention programs that reflect your values and transform your culture.

lesa h

Lesa Hammond

Lesa is co-founder and CEO of Prof360.
She has more than 25 years in human resources, has been the chief human resources officer for three universities, and has been the program director of two business training divisions.

kristen slack

Kristen Slack

Kristen is a Professor of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and serves as the UWM’s Social Work doctoral program chair.
Her research focuses on the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and the intersection of different social service systems in the lives of low-income families with children.

laurie weidner

Laurie Weidner

Laurie is CEO of Parent Education Partners, and teams with colleges and universities proactively engaging parents/families to boost admissions, reduce summer melt, close achievement gaps and increase retention and completion rates.