What we do


Higher education crises made it clear even before the Covid-19 pandemic that institutions need agile solutions to thrive during this sea change. We partner with schools to provide the guidance and support that allows you to move forward and do what you do best, create student-centered learning. We can help with a feasibility study to assess the benefits of a strategic collaboration with other regional institutions to keep your doors open and thrive during the ongoing crisis in higher education. Or are you looking for professional development for your faculty and staff? We work in partnership with you.

Why We Do It


Too many higher education consultants have not experienced and navigated the on-campus realities of leading a small college or university in a competitive marketplace. Failing to appreciate those complexities creates more work for the leaders and too often leaves the institution with no clear, workable roadmap into the future. We believe in smaller higher education institutions and seek to help them survive. The Center for Higher Education Leadership believes in and effects solutions for higher ed by higher education professionals.

Our Solutions


Strategic Collaboration Review

DEI Training and Assessment

Executive Leadership Coaching