Intro to Higher Education Administration

New and prospective higher education administrators face a unique set of challenges in navigating leadership. This introductory course provides an overview of charting your course and meeting those challenges. We will cover faculty governance and transitioning to administrative governance, institutional research, and advances in edtech. This foundational course provides higher education leaders with insight to think more strategically, balance competing demands and multidimensional landscapes that influence and drive higher education governance

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Lessons : 4
Price : $199.00

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Course outcomes

How to navigate the transition from faculty to governance

Models of governance

Understanding strategic planning and assessment

Using institutional research effectively

Course syllabus

Module 1

The Transition from Faculty to Administrator

Module 2

Prioritizing the Future with the Present in Strategic Planning

Module 3

Pathways to Organizational Stability with Institutional Research

Module 4

Bringing it Together: Continuing Collaboration and Exploration


What can I expect?

This four module course requires about eight hours of self-paced work. The modules are a combination of assigned readings, video content, quizzes and self-reflection exercises. At any time during the course, you can reach out to the instructor for one on one assistance.

How much does this course cost?

This course is 199.00 for non-members and free for all Center for Higher Education Leadership members.

Will I earn a certificate?

Center for Higher Education Leadership offers a certificate of completion for students that meet the requirements for completing the course. In receiving an official certification from The Center for Higher Education and Leadership detailing the completion of any course, you must attend and participate in all elements of the course as described in the course expectations section of the syllabus, as well as detailed in the course within the online learning management system. These certificates are not accredited by any third-party organization.

Meet your instructor

Terri Givens is the CEO and Founder of Brighter Higher Education, bringing more than 30 years of success in higher education. Leveraging extensive experience running universities and bridging the gap between business and the community, she is a valuable asset for educational institutions and companies of various sizes and stages of growth who are in need of expert assistance with strategic planning, budget analysis or handling diversity issues in recruitment and retention. Her broad areas of expertise include leadership, research, writing, analyzing institutional impacts on immigration and integration policy, problem-solving, quantitative analysis, networking, mentorship and community outreach. She is an accomplished speaker and uses her platform to develop leaders with an understanding of the importance of diversity and encourages personal growth through empathy.

terri givens