Strategic Collaboration Review

Feasibility Study

A comprehensive feasibility study for regional college collaboration, including:

  • Strategic support service, planning, and strategic management.
  • Financial management, endowment/planning
  • Course/faculty support: course consolidation and support for accreditation and reviews.
  • Student support and feedback.
  • Soliciting community, alumni, and stakeholder feedback
  • Review of property holdings and potential for development/sales of excess land/leasebacks.

Context Statement

Develop a context statement for each institution and component pieces of collaboration, including:

  • 360-Degree Review: mission, programs, academic structure, interview key
  • Data on students, surveys, and enrollment. What processes/surveys are in place to gather student feedback on supporting them during COVID-19?
  • Financials, Data-driven college viability analysis, and student and stakeholder surveys
  • Planning and Strategic Management: What are the current planning processes? What have been the vital institutional priorities?
  • Impact of COVID-19 on each institution. What implementation of critical incident/crisis management processes occurred as a result of the pandemic? How are faculty, students, parents, and other stakeholders participating in planning processes? What are the current communication strategies?
  • Financial management and planning: Institutional research unit/course consolidation and accreditation support. What are course consolidation/course efficiency activities currently underway? Current capacity for online course delivery and instructional design.

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Structural racism and sexism impact all of us. Although the country has made some progress towards an equal society, political developments in the 21st century have shown that deep divides remain. Our approach calls for ‘radical empathy’ – moving beyond an understanding of others’ lives and pain to understand the origins of our biases, including internalized oppression, to bridge divides. We offer practical steps to call out racism and sexism to bring about social change. Our consultants have experience in helping leaders to create environments where equity and inclusion are incorporated into institutional culture and provide the support that students, faculty, and staff need to succeed.

We also provide workshops for individuals and groups who want to dive deep to bridge our divides and diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

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What does a higher education consultant do?

We support the institution’s leadership in supporting the mission in a sustainable, data-driven way. We give the tools you need to shape your institution with data-driven sustainable solutions to increase enrollment, improve student, faculty, and alumni engagement.

How can we afford higher education consulting fees?

We understand the incredible financial pressures institutions are under and the imperatives driving you to consider hiring a consulting firm. Our prices are scalable and affordable and allow you to return to your institution’s core purpose with strategic, focused decision-making.

Are your services in person, or are they available remotely?

We offer services via our exclusive platform, web-conferencing, and in-person as needed.